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White Space Database Operators

Page last updated: December 2020

This site contains the Discoverable List of White Space Databases (WSDBs) operated by organisations that have been qualified by Ofcom to operate in the United Kingdom and which are currently providing WSDB Services to white space devices (WSDs).

A master WSD may only obtain operational parameters from a WSDB that is in the Discoverable List.

Before making any radio transmissions, a master WSD that intends to operate in the United Kingdom must download this Discoverable List, contact one of the WSDBs in it, and obtain its operational parameters for radio transmissions in the UHF band from that WSDB.

List of WSDBs qualified to operate in the United Kingdom and currently providing WSDB Services

Qualified database operators are added to the Discoverable List, accessible to WSDs as an xml file, only once they have informed Ofcom that they are ready to start providing WSDB Services to devices.

The Discoverable List is accessible to WSDs as follows:

The XML schema file can be found at:

This document specifies the HTTPS request that a master WSD shall send in order to obtain the xml file, and the contents of the xml file.

For all correspondence regarding TV white space or the operation of WSDs and WSDBs please contact:

Template version of the contract governing the provision of database services in the UK